Three kids = a whole lot of parties. It’s cheaper if you do it yourself, so here are some of mine.

Doctor Who Party

Birthday Invitations

bens birthday x2 (34)


The Cake

The party food

Party Decorations

The Party Games

If you google Minute-to-win-it you will find loads of excellent fast moving and low budget party games. These were a few of our favourites:

  1. Toothbrush, cap and cup game. The Kids have a minute to get the toothbrush from the first cup to the second. The cups should be placed on stools about 2 metres apart. The kids must not use their hands but the rim of a baseball cap.
  2. How many ping pong balls can they catch in the cup on their head, in a minute.
  3. Threading pasta onto spaghetti using their mouths. How much can they thread on in a minute.

A Frozen Party


A Fairy Party


The Cake:

The Party Food:

The Decoration and Craft Activity:

 A Winter Wedding

My Lovely Aunty Ann got married to a brilliant guy called Alan. It was both a happy and special day. They took a huge risk and let me decorate the village hall for them! I had a great time and had some brilliant helpers on the day. I thought I would share with you the ideas that we used to create a blue, white and silver themed wedding.

ann and alan
As it was going to be dark, and we wanted a candle lit/sparkly affair.

Candle holders

You will need:

Cheap glasses (mine were from Tesco)

Masking Tape

Spray Glue (I used UHU)

Holographic Glitter

Spray Sealer for craft


 fancy diamante buttons

How to:

Put the masking tape on the glass in the place that you would like the glitter to stop.

Then spray the part you want to cover with glue.

Next, I had my glitter in a bowl and dipped the glass into it. I repeated this step to get the glitter as thick as I wanted.

Once you have the glitter on and are happy with the look of it, you need to spray it with the sealer/varnish. If you choose a matt varnish it won’t be so sparkly! You also need to be careful not to spray the non-glittery bit of the glass as it will mist up.

When it’s all dried really well you can take off the masking tape and add the ribbon. I used glue dots to stick it on.


The Centre Piece 

You will need:

It’s so simple, just a hula hoop and some fairy lights.

A hula Hoop

white Duct tape


10 sets of battery-powered Fairy lights

and millions of batteries.

How To:

 Firstly, if you have a coloured hula hoop cover it in white duct tape.

Then stick the battery packs to the hoop with the white tape and wrap the lights all around. It’s up to you whether you leave them different lengths or not. Mine varied in length. 

I bought my fairy lights very cheaply at Amazon.

Tea and Coffee Cups

Jam Buckets

Ann wanted scones, cream and jam for tea. So I used these little buckets and I added some fun labels.

Lastly I painted my daughters chalk board and made up a sign to point the way into the hall.

Now all the pre-wedding prep was done and it was time for the big day. We arrived early to set up and here are some pictures of the finished room. We had a lot of fun flinging the rope over various pipes for the chandelier! The hall chairs were horrible orange plastic ones, so we hired some white chair covers and tied a blue Tulle around them.

We ran fairy lights up and down the length of the hall and covered it with a double layer of the blue Tulle. If you ruffle the top layer it gives the lights a misty glow.

Be prepared, this took my cousins Tom, Liesl and I quite a long time

and we used over 4oo drawing pins (not that we counted).  

Not a bit like a giant squid…


Popcorn Stand

march 2013 031

We had a movie party and I thought it would be a good idea to serve popcorn from a stand. This was very easy to make!

You Will Need:

Three Fruit Boxes

A large box

4 poles (mine are from the garden centre)

Wrapping paper

Duck tape

Popcorn Boxes

A1 piece of white card

To Make:

  1. Sit two fruit boxes inside the third. This becomes the legs! Apply Duck tape liberally.
  2. Push the four poles in the fruit box. One in each corner. Duck tape them for extra strength.
  3. Sit the big box on the top of the four poles. Duck tape.
  4. Cover the whole thing in Red and white wrapping paper. Duck tape it on if you like.
  5. Make the sign and stick the Popcorn cups on the poles,
  6. With Duck tape.


Cake Fun

As for birthday cakes, here are some I have decorated. I hope they are a help.

The Swim Cake

The Pretty Lady Cake

The Crazy Layer Cake

The Skylanders Cake

The Gran and her Dogs Cake!

The Footballers’ Cake

The Moomin Cake

Girls Safari Cake

 And a few other cakes:


A camping/ Animal Safari Party