Why I Don’t Want to go to Church!

I should start with an apology as my title is misleading. I do want to go to church, I enjoy church. Of course I’ve had bad experiences of church who hasn’t? No, this title reflects the conversations I often find myself in, when people hear I’m a Christian, or that my husband is a Vicar. … [Read more…]

Please Don’t Bash The Extrovert

Today I wanted to write about something I am feeling increasingly passionate about. It’s personal to me and has at times led to painful (not to mention awkward) situations. I wanted to write about being an extrovert!  I have read a great many articles on Introversion, which is great as it helps me understand different … [Read more…]

An Easter thank you (from the Vicars Wife)…

Dear All, The Right Reverend Richard and I want to thank you again for all the effort, thought and time that you put into this Easter’s celebrations. I can still recall that first meeting when, as a whole benefice we decided that we would make this Easter special and pull out all the stops, and … [Read more…]

Nominated for the Liebster Award

 How exciting! I was just nominated for the Liebster Award.  Thank you so much Tee @ https://tanglesandtears.wordpress.com   It is super kind of you! Make sure you pop on over to Tee’s blog you will enjoy it. She is an honest mum with a family of 6 and some great thoughts! Here are some facts about the … [Read more…]

I so hate Bedtimes

So this probably isn’t the best time to write… Anger fuelled, border line crazy and tired…it’s just those articles! I read a blog post about some parent’s experience and it’s tipped me over the edge. You know those articles, the ones that are all:  ‘So, I got busy with the housework and was then, like… … [Read more…]

A Big Decision

So… I am talking about a big decision, one of those which means changing jobs, moving house and uprooting children. Not that this doesn’t apply to those of you making decisions of the smaller kind, it might, but here are my very recent musings on making the bigger scarier decisions. For a year we have … [Read more…]