To Give and Take Away…

This is hard writing this, because I am right in the middle of it. Stuck in the thoughts and having my heart tugged, but it feels like it’s the right thing to do! So here I go, over the cliff… I’ll panic later! I have always hated the verse to that Matt Redman song ‘Blessed … [Read more…]

The End of the Nativity (Letter from A Vicars Wife)

Dear Maureen, Thank you so much for your long and informative letter.  You are correct in thinking that the Reverend Richard is rather busy at the moment and I am sure that it was a kind thought to bring your concerns to me rather than him. I was very sad to read that you intend … [Read more…]

A Christmas Letter From A Vicar’s Wife

Dear All, We have had a splendid year here, in our little parish! My Husband has been very busy, in-fact we have hardly seen him! Which is wonderful as we know that it is the Lord’s work that he is doing. Our six churches have been a source of great pleasure over the last 12 … [Read more…]