Nominated for the Liebster Award

 How exciting! I was just nominated for the Liebster Award.  Thank you so much Tee @   It is super kind of you! Make sure you pop on over to Tee’s blog you will enjoy it. She is an honest mum with a family of 6 and some great thoughts! Here are some facts about the … [Read more…]

Baby Buys Fails

So we’ve all been there, that hated purchase, the buy of deep regret. There you are; pregnant, waiting in anticipation for your whole lives to change and then they  give you MATERNITY LEAVE! Maternity leave, a big chunk of time leaving you open to the clutches of the Baby Retailers. A whole month of unchecked … [Read more…]

Happiness is…

To remind you of those little glimpses of Joy when all around is CRAZY. Happiness is… 1. Not finding underwear in a pair of trousers when you are doing the washing. 2. The ‘after school’ Cookie Jar.3. A great photobomb.4. Discovering new things. “Are you going to tell him?“ “Nah!“5. Getting the perfect family photo…   … [Read more…]

The 7 Habits of a Highly Ineffective Parent

Isn’t it nice how we have access to so many wonderful parenting tips via the media. You can find all sorts of carefully imagined ideas on how to parent your kids effectively. Just type the problem into Google and you are sure to find a mountain of resources! DON’T DO IT!!! Maybe you should never … [Read more…]

I so hate Bedtimes

So this probably isn’t the best time to write… Anger fuelled, border line crazy and tired…it’s just those articles! I read a blog post about some parent’s experience and it’s tipped me over the edge. You know those articles, the ones that are all:  ‘So, I got busy with the housework and was then, like… … [Read more…]

How to Lose Three Children and Gain an Audience!

I have lost children in the park, in the shops, at a farm, at church, at Soul Survivor (a huge Christian festival for teenagers), in the woods, at the beach, in our own home, in school, on holiday…actually I think that pretty much covers everything. I have not lost any children in the car or … [Read more…]

Time with the kids: Quality and Quantity

I recently read an article that stated that parents should spend both ‘quality time’ and ‘quantity time’ with their kids. That we should recognise and balance the two aspects. It suggested that in doing this we would raise happy and secure children. Brilliant – another recipe for the worlds best parent. My husband and I decided … [Read more…]

A Big Decision

So… I am talking about a big decision, one of those which means changing jobs, moving house and uprooting children. Not that this doesn’t apply to those of you making decisions of the smaller kind, it might, but here are my very recent musings on making the bigger scarier decisions. For a year we have … [Read more…]