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Upcycle Project

When you are married to a vicar, you get good at moving house. Sometimes, you are lucky enough to get a large Vicarage. However, living in a large house with a not-so-large income can be a little tricky. So discovering ways of decorating rooms and finding furniture (on a budget) becomes an adventure.

We were given this dressing table, by a lovely friend. So to help it match my bedroom colours, I slapped a bi

t of paint on it.

If you use the chalk based paints, then you don’t need to sand the wood first. You can just whack it right on! 

Then you can use the special wax to finish (this needs a bit of elbow grease). The more you rub it in, the better the end product. Although if you want a more hard wearing surface, then I’d suggest you varnish it rather than use the wax.

Instead of buying some expensive handles, you could always just paint the old ones:


Creating Some Simple Room Accessories

 These are just some easy ideas. The lamp shades I bought in Ikea and used glue dots to stick the ribbon and decorations to. The butterflies are just a pack of paper butterflies and I folded the wings up to make them look a bit more 3D. The flowers I crocheted and added diamante buttons for the centre.

To make the jewellery hanger I used an old wooden ruler and some desert forks.

I drilled a hole in either end to attach the ribbon and then had some fun bashing the forks into the right shape.

I really like the finished thing and it does the job!


Upcycled Floor Tiles

When we moved into the Vicarage, the bathroom floor had these tiles (and they reminded me a little bit of my old school). I thought it would be good to give the room a bit of a makeover. The only problem was, that we could not afford to re-tile it. So I wondered about buying some stick on patterns for the tiles. However that was also super expensive! So I had a go at this…

1.I searched the internet for a tile pattern I liked, then printed it off.

2. I then cut the parts of the print (that I wanted to be white) out. I had to do this twice as the first time I cut the wrong part out!

3. Then I traced it onto an old magazine cover (if you have something more sturdy to make your template from then use that. As I had to make two in the end).

4. I cut out this card version, to make my template.

5. I laid it out on the tile (and held it down… you could masking tape it down, if you are more of a perfectionist than me).

6. Roller-ed the paint on and bobs-your-uncle.

Fimo Fun


I used to make stuff with Fimo all the time as a kid and thought I would have a try at making a necklace:

With the smaller flowers I used a press, as its kind of good to have a more uniform look. I made the larger ones individually, so that it looked a bit more quirky.


Bracelet Charms


I had a go at making these fun charms for my lovely Nieces.

 Dress Up!

There is always a school dress up day for this and that, so here are some ideas and outfits I have made my poor children wear!

And of course being a Primary teacher means that I have to dress up for World Book Day too!

Hello Hungry Caterpillar (What are you laughing at? and yes, I did keep it on all day).

But never mind World Book Day, I think we need a World Hat Day.

 Teacher Presents

I found these ideas on Pinterest and the kids really enjoyed making them.

Ice-Cream Sundae Boxes

I bought some little jars and filled them with Chocolate Sauce and Toffee Sauces.

Then filled some little clear bags with different toppings.

Hundreds and Thousands

Mini Marshmallows

Chocolate drops

You can put anything you like in them.

Then I added some waffle cones. Be creative and put in whatever you think might make a good Ice- Cream Sundae. Just don’t put in the ice-cream!

Sharpie Mugs

These were fun to make. There are loads of youtube clips on how to decorate mugs with Sharpie pens. So google away.

My main tip would be, that ordinary Sharpie pens do not work. You need to order proper ceramic ones.

Chicken Flickin’

We needed an Easter themed game for Church…Okay, it may seem a little violent, but no chicks were harmed in the making or the playing!

I drew a target on a large bit of card and gave each ring a value. 

I cut the bottom off the plastic cups and then pulled the balloon onto the end. This was a little tricky and not easy for the kids to do themselves. Then you pop the chick in the cup, pull back the balloon and shoot your birdie across the room.

So much fun!


Photo Booth Props

You will need:


felt pens

Kebab sticks

sellotape (or a white Duck tape)

Shoe box or a larger box

Wrapping paper

To Make:

It’s a pretty easy thing to do and adds a bit of fun and entertainment to any party!

You can search for print-out props all over the internet, if you don’t feel like drawing them yourself.

Then you cut it out, whack on a kebab stick and display them jammed into a box.


Pimp my Caravan

A little while ago I had the pleasure of recycling an old caravan and enjoyed every minute. Caravan’s and Motorhomes can be so boring inside. I am not sure who thinks up the colour schemes and fabric choices during the manufacturing process, but I can guess. I reckon it’s some engineers’s nan.  They would be like ” Ere, Nan pick a fabric, you can choose something from the 80’s (non-revival) catalogue or anything from this ‘Array of Vomit’ sample pack. Ta”

Anyhow, it was fun to personalise a home on wheels and definitely worth it if you have the time.

Christmas Stocking Advent Calender

You will need: 

Thick red ribbon (I used 3metres)

 a few packs of tiny baby socks

some gold material

wooden pegs

thin decorated ribbon for pegs

and GLUE

To Make:

1. Stick a strip of patterned ribbon or washi tape on the front of each peg.

2. Then put a little bit of paper in each sock (so that the glue does not stick the sock together!) and glue the numbers on the front.

Then peg them on! I then filled them with chocolate and tiny surprises. A great friend suggested putting Christmas bible quotes in each that take you through the Christmas Story right up until Christmas Day. Have Fun!


Mice in a Tin


I can’t take any credit for this idea as I found it on Pinterest. I loved it so much I have made four for Christmas presents!

You will need:

An Altoids tin

Some scraps of material

Some thread or buttons for eyes


a variety of felt

To Make:
1.Choose some lovely felt. Felt is great, as it doesn’t fray around the edges so there is far less to sew! It’s important to think about colour and patterns. Choose colours that compliment each other and small patterns as you are making mini beds.

2. Cut out two peanut shapes (for the body)

4. Sew them together, I used back stitch, but you could use running stitch.

5.  Leave a gap at the bottom, then turn it inside out.

6. Cut out a couple of ears. Sew them onto the right side (after you have turned it right side out). If you pinch them together as you sew you get a nice shape.

7. You can do a number of things to make the nose. You could use felt, embroider a circle or sew on a button. I did a mixture of things!

8.Then cut a single piece of felt for each leg and arm. You do not need to stuff these.

9. STUFF THEM! When the bodies are stuffed fold the edges over and sew up the gap.

10. Then in the same way that you sewed the ears on, sew on the legs and arms. For the eyes I used small black beads. 

11. Now you need to buy a tin and eat loads of mints!!! 

12. You need to make a sheet, a pillow and blanket. I used Pinking Shears, so I didn’t have to sew the felt sheet. Then I used cotton for the sheet and pillow. Stuff the pillow. Turn the top edge of the sheet over and finish with running stitch, as it looks real sweet like that.

13. If you like you can add a teddy. I made this with the legs and arms included in the main body  and sewed it, turned it inside out and added the ears like before.

14. Finally put it all together… ta da! 

A Wooden Picture