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dengineers title pageThis morning our house was bursting with excitement. We gathered around the T.V, held our breath and waited for the first episode of The Dengineers. Earlier this year my son Ben was picked to take part in a new CBBC show called The Dengineers. This is a brilliant show, where your kid gets to design their dream den and then have it built somewhere special! We were in the middle of moving from Chichester to Orpington and everything was in total upheaval. However, this couldn’t have come at a better time. It helped us all get excited about our new home and gave the kids, especially Ben something amazing to look forward to.
excited Dengineers                                                                                  This is us waiting for The Dengineers to start!

We had a week with the CBBC crew, we met Mark Wright, Lauren Layfield and Steve Backshall. It was super exciting. The crew were amazing, such an fantastic bunch of people. For me the highlight was having a house full of lovely people. I was so impressed with the care, concern and interest they showed us as a family. I thought you might like to see a few behind the scene photo’s. 
IMG_20150509_173922IMG_5628 IMG_5636IMG_5627

The Dengineers arrived with us in the first week of the school holidays, which was awesome timing. Ben had endured several weeks with no school and no friends and that’s not easy for an extrovert. The crew explained everything really well and treated us all to lunches, fizzy drinks and even lasagne! Mark Wright even chased Barney (our dog) down the road when he escaped (I must admit to that being a bit of a highlight too).

20150617_12455020150617_124603                              IMG_5633

Did you know that soundmen are not quiet? I always though that they would be constantly listening. The runners worked so hard they totally earned their name as Runners! Most of the crew would make fantastic teachers and were fabulous at relating to children.
We love Lauren Layfield… Millie has a new hero!

Mark Wright is a lovely guy too. We so enjoyed meeting Steve Backshall, he was really kind to Ben and even though he was on a tight schedule he made time to chat to Ben and show him a weird fungus, a Kite’s dinner and a spiders secret hiding place. 

We feel so privileged to have met such a lovely bunch of people and we really want to thank you all at CBBC. So, here is Ben’s lego tribute to you all…

20150721_17045520150721_17084020150721_170857Thank you Sege, Phil and Pete for your fantastic
design and build. The Den is awesome!!! 

Thank you Mel, Jay and Graeme. You guys rock! 

Thank you Ben for being so sound!

Thank you Ashley and Lee (and Joe), Ashley for your super painting and Lee, bringer of lasagne! 

And for all you super camera men 🙂 🙂 and Jennifer. We miss you all, feel free to pop back for a visit any day!

And the Den:


“What an AMAZING experience” Ben (we counted how many times he said amazing on t.v… it was a lot!).
If you would like to watch the episode you can find it here for a few days:



  1. Pippa Sophie Kane

    Dear Dengineers,
    my name is Pippa and I’m 8.
    I would like to have an underwater theme den.
    I like recycling and I would like have it made from recycling materials.I would like to make sure everyone in the village to use it as well.I had a person in my class called Joseph and he died of a brain
    tumor this year when he was only 9, so I want to let Rosie [his sister who is 11] inside my den as a memory of him.
    From Pippa

  2. Mustafa

    Can you give me a couple den ideas?Who wrote bens application for dengineers and do you get to choose how you want the den.please

    • Hey Mustafa, Ben wrote his own application. I think the best thing to do is think about the Den’s that have been made already and then try to think of something different! Also something that you are really interested in. What would you like to do when you are older? What would be your dream job? Maybe something like that. I hope you get a good idea! X

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