To add a little Balance

I love looking at everyone’s holiday snaps on Facebook. The happy faces and hashtags: #sunshinekids, #happydays, #funwiththe family. They are truly great, I post my own happy pics of our adventures and days away. There is nothing wrong with sharing the love, I don’t want to be someone that can’t look at others having a joy filled time, that seems kind of sad. However, I do feel the need to address Facebook’s’ cataloguing of everyone’s best bits by adding a few ‘outtakes’ from time to time. Come on, did you really think their life was all honey and giggles? Did you think mine was?

So here is today, today in the Coleman household…our summer holiday in pictures #shouldhavestayedinbed.

9am: Yes, we have been up for hours, but now we are on a treasure hunt and the prizes are two nintendo DS consoles and one mobile phone and a charger. Sounds generous, I know, but in reality we are hunting these items as they were confiscated yesterday (We have to do this on a daily basis, a family ritual, if you like, because the kids keep finding our hiding spaces and we have to think up new ones). Then of course we can’t remember where we hid them. I guess we could make it into a game, but we mostly throw things about and shout at each other.

10:30am: Finally found consoles, everyone happy… leaves me free to visit the Museum of Laundry. I spend a lot of time here…It gives me a chance to reflect on deep issues like; why I had so many children? Why things always need ironing, however fast you remove them? Why we have so many clothes? and How come there are so many socks? Sometimes I even make decisions, this morning I decided to start my diet too.
IMG_20150817_113600[1]11am: Got bored of dieting. Ate crisps.
IMG_20150817_121011[1]12am: Attempted to remove children from computers, did not go down too well. Had you walked passed the vicarage at that point, I wouldn’t have blamed you for ringing social services. In this case it was actually me that was screaming, I stubbed my toe on one of my children. It wasn’t pretty, no children were hurt, just an adult with a low pain threshold. Sorry.
IMG_20150817_113645[1]1:45pm: In a bid to restore fun into the day, I decided to put up the swings that have been sat rusting in the long grass, since we moved. It’s quite difficult to do this on your own, when you are only 5 ft tall. All I can say is that I’m lucky to still have both my eyes and limbs, those spikes (that are supposed to dig into the ground) have a nasty way with them, and can sneak up from behind when you least expect it.  
3pm:The kids had some non-screen time. This is what they did:

Lobbed apples up on the flat roof
IMG_20150817_115932[1]Cut up a glow in the dark bracelet, getting some in eyes and mouth
IMG_20150817_134822[1]Spent some relaxing, but enforced time in separate bedrooms. They have spent enough time in there recently to realise that if they sellotape the keyhole shutter up, they can always see if I am outside or not. Humph.
IMG_20150817_120145[1]Meanwhile I partially unpacked the dishwasher.
5pm: I spent 2 hours applying for my sons bus/train pass. That was fun.

5:30pm: Broke water jug after throwing it (accidentally) at dog who had run off with my shoes. I was just trying to splash him a little. He is fine, jug is not.
6:30pm: Everyone sent to bed for general bad behaviour. Today Coffee has been my friend.
IMG_20150817_143121[1]So I hope that addresses the balance a little, hopefully tomorrow will be ‘best day ever’ (that I keep hearing about) :). Maybe it’s more about celebrating the joy filled moments or windows of bliss, than expecting the extravagance of a whole day of fun. Today I celebrate coffee, crisps and bedtime. 


  1. Paula

    I remember those days well – still have them sometimes when all the kids come round and start “play fighting” they say just to wind me up which always ends up with me un-ceremoniously “put to the ground” by number one son who is obviously used to doing this because of his job – usually ends up with giggles though at my expense!!

    wishing you a better day tomorrow xx

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