An Easter thank you (from the Vicars Wife)…


Dear All,

The Right Reverend Richard and I want to thank you again for all the effort, thought and time that you put into this Easter’s celebrations. I can still recall that first meeting when, as a whole benefice we decided that we would make this Easter special and pull out all the stops, and after four hours of lively debate we certainly had the plan to end all plans. Now it is all done and dusted Richard and I would like you to know how proud and grateful we are, as a family, to be a part of such a lively parish. Now we all need a good rest.

Thank you to the good people of St. Arthritis who held their first ever outdoor Passion Play. This was truly wonderful! To see Jesus’ story played out in front of our eyes like that, and to walk about with the cast, made it all amazingly real. I think that’s why Barbara became so incensed and attacked Judas (Reg) with such violence, who would have thought that at 90 she had such strength? ‘Fighting fit’ as they say! You will be glad to know that Reg is doing well and says that it gave him a very authentic experience.

I was so pleased that the church of St. Paul the Possible joined together with the church of Our Lady Mary of the Leftovers and held a ‘Stations of The Cross’ exhibition. What a wonderful example of Parishioners working together. The Nifty Knitters did a fantastic job of depicting the whole 14 stations in wool, I especially liked the one entitled: ‘Veronica’s Face Wiping’.

Thanks also must go to St Thomas the Lesser who were able (with the aid of Ernie, our resident Electrician) to set up a cinema in the small hall and yes, next time clarification of the rating would be helpful (I also thought that ‘R’ rating stood for Religious). I am sorry that Gladys threw up over the P.A system during the vivid depiction of Jesus’ suffering. She says that it might have been the Maundy Thursday Indian Takeaway, rather than the movie, but we were all glad that Ernie has a toothbrush for every occasion and saved the day.

Well done indeed to St. Titus in The Field for their Easter Sunday service where the music group were on top form. They were full of joy and we really did get a glimpse of eternity after singing ‘Give thanks’ so many times over. Our pianist Mrs West did confess afterwards that she had not played the song before, and wasn’t sure where to end it, she had noticed some disturbance but had thought that the Reverend Richard was singing in harmony when he kept repeating a low ‘Give Thanks’ whilst she soared to the higher notes of ‘And Now…’.  Please Lionel, you really mustn’t beat yourself up about the typing error in the liturgy. We were all very glad that Chris had risen, he had risen indeed. He usually sleeps in till at least 11:30 am.

St Agnes the Available outdid themselves with their ‘Messy Easter Eggstravaganza’! Jeremy (our shared youth pastor) has apologised profusely to the families of the children who fell into the graves during the Easter Egg Hunt. He had only briefly borrowed the rope (that cordoned off the subsided graves) for the egg and spoon race and had intended to put it straight back.

Well that brings our letter to a close. You are truly a wonderful bunch and this Easter has been Eggstravagant!

Yours faithfully and with six buckets of Christian Love (one for each congregation),

The Mrs Right Reverend Richard x

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