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Last year I joined Slimming World with a bunch of friends. We had a
giggle, all of us lost weight and I was able to wear the clothes I had 
always wanted to wear. But, even better than shrinking a couple of
dress sizes, was the fact that I felt really well. I had fewer stomach
aches and loads more energy. I have a rubbish digestive system, so that
was great.
♥ ♥ ♥
However, a year on and I’m back to my original size. Now, I know that I’m
not massive, but I wanted to be smaller and I don’t want tummy aches.
So what happened? I would like to say that I gradually ate more without
realising and was taken by surprise, but the truth is I got bored. I
got bored with eating carefully and thinking about food. I got tempted
by the yummy stuff and I decided to ‘let up’ and give myself a break.
I’m sure you can relate, but, it’s funny isn’t it. I was clearly bored
with feeling better and making healthy choices!


Why do we have to be wired like this, to want all the unhealthy things
and to be irritated by the good stuff?
♥ ♥ ♥
I wonder, having grown with Christianity and being a Christian myself,
why some people don’t believe in God? I can honestly say that it doesn’t
make sense to me. I’m not irritated if people don’t believe in God,
or angry in any way. I don’t mind being challenged about my faith (I
quite enjoy it… as long as you don’t expect me to have all the
answers). I just find it interesting. For me faith in God seems vital,
I feel better for it. It doesn’t magically turn me into a good person
but, it gives me a place to take my mistakes. Somewhere to run, when I
need a little grace (which is fairly regularly). Last night I was
reading ‘The Folk of The Faraway Tree’ by Enid Blyton to my daughter
and we had reached the bit where the children are visiting the Land of
Secrets. In this chapter Enid Blyton explains that the people would
come to the land to find out important secrets. She writes that one
Fairy learnt how to fly, another how to laugh and then came along a
small goblin:

‘…there was a tiny goblin who had once done a wicked thing, and couldn’
t forget it. He wanted to know the secret of forgetting, and that is
one of the most difficult secrets in the world if you have done
something really bad.’

The goblin then visited the Wizard and heard the answer. When he passed
by the picnicking children he explained to them the secret:

‘..I’ll tell it to you, because then if you do a wrong thing, maybe you
can get right with yourself afterwards,’ he said, ‘It’s so dreadful if
you can’t. Well, the Wizard Tall Hat told me that if I can do one
hundred really kind deeds to make up for the one very bad one I did,
maybe I’ll be able to forget a little, and think better of myself.’

What brilliant wisdom we get from children’s books! Thank you Mrs
Blyton. I like that advice. It’s always good to encourage the kids to
do kind deeds. But, I think I can go one better than that. What if I
told you that you could get ‘right with yourself’ without the good
deeds? What if I said I knew a way for you to lighten the weight of
that wrong you carry about without years of penance? That I could offer
you an escape route. Would you want to know my secret?
♥ ♥ ♥
It’s no secret. It’s just simply faith in Jesus. I believe that Jesus
has taken and will continue to take away the bad that I do. I believe
in the simple message that Jesus died for me and took my punishment.
You can make it complicated, we could argue backwards and forwards
about it if you like. But, at the heart of the Christian faith is that
simple message. All I had to do was pray: ‘Jesus I believe in you,
forgive me.’
♥ ♥ ♥
I can’t make you choose Christianity, but I can stand up and tell you
that it’s good. It’s a healthy choice and just because it’s feels like
a difficult choice to make, doesn’t make it a wrong one. What are you
so afraid of? What do you think is going to happen? Are you afraid of
being disappointed? Do I seem disappointed to you?  When I went to Slimming
World, I ate ‘Superfree’ foods and tried not to ‘Syn’, but, I knew that I would
mess up and not always 
follow the rules. They didn’t stand me up and throw
pork pies at me or feed me the chocolate cake from ‘Matilda’ (you have to see
the film…gross!). They didn’t slam my sin in my face and neither should the
church. What would be the point of that, when we see our own mistakes
quite clearly? Like Slimming World the church is there to help someone
follow their healthy choice and to help them do it in the best way.

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  1. Hi Jen! I think having grown up with the Christian faith it’s entirely to be expected that faith is vital to you. How we were raised has an enormous influence on us. When people have not had Christianity as a constant background to their lives they find it much harder to unquestioningly accept. Many resent being told that they are sinners and reject the concept of original sin (pretty hard to comprehend when you hold a brand new baby in your arms), and people can’t see the link between a man dying 2000 years ago and their imperfections. Then throw in all suffering and some Darwinism and the fact that our planet is just a spec floating around a huge abyss and you realise that total blind faith is required and for many that’s too big an ask. I’m constantly trying to get my head around it all and am realising that I will probably be spending the rest of my life trying to do so! It’s really nice that you say you enjoy being challenged about your faith, many don’t, so you are refreshing in that way! X x x

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