Baby Buys Fails

So we’ve all been there, that hated purchase, the buy of deep regret. There you are; pregnant, waiting in anticipation for your whole lives to change and then they  give you MATERNITY LEAVE! Maternity leave, a big chunk of time leaving you open to the clutches of the Baby Retailers. A whole month of unchecked panic buying and intense research. You will be bombarded with choice and beaten down by the emotional blackmail (that no store is afraid to use), each buy brings you slightly closer to ‘D’ Day (‘Daddy Awareness Day’ the day it dawns on your man that this pregnancy is real and will produce a real baby and will have somewhat of an impact on your lives).
As the date draws nearer you go on buying, knowing that you will never shop again, let alone leave the house. What you don’t have now you will never be able to get afterwards. Random strangers in the street ask:
 “are you all prepared?”
You stockpile wet wipes, construct awkward pieces of furniture and borrow large children for safety testing.
Each product decision requires you checking millions of reviews. One might say:

“This was the best thing I bought before baby was born. A life saver! This (thing) kept us sane through those early months! Five stars.”

but then you scroll down to find another review for the same product which states:

“This is a potential death trap, 6 hours in A and E and my perfect child was scarred for life. No stars!”

How are we supposed to make sensible, educated choices? Who are we supposed to believe? So to add to your confusion, I asked my friends… ‘what was your worst Baby Buy?’ And here for your delectation is   their response:

The Breast Pump:
“breast pump! ouch! no further details on a public page.” Trudi
breast pump blog
Bottle Warmer:
“By the time it had heated enough for the milk/baby rice to be consumed…one could’ve just pulled one’s sorry butt out of bed and boiled a kettle!” Caroline

Phil and Ted’s:
“Pure evil on wheels.” Antonia

 Chicco high chair

highchair blog
Door Bouncer Thingy

The Baby Monitor

Baby Sling

Baby wrap blog
I agree with the sling, this was my experience, not attractive. However my favourite ‘Baby Buy Fail’ is Sarah’s:

The Pee-pee Teepee (what???)

pee pee tee pee
“They didn’t work at all!” Sarah

I leave you there to google Pee-pee Teepee’s. Thanks everyone for sharing your pain. I would love to hear about more of your baby buying mistakes!

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