Embracing The Chaos!


Hello January 2015! As a family we have some big changes heading our way this year. They are both exciting and terrifying all at once! However, until we know more about them we cannot really predict how those changes are going to affect us. All we can do is to sit and wait! As I thought about this, it reminded me of what it felt like to be pregnant. You have a rough idea of how things are going to change, you’ve read the books and can make some preparations, but you don’t really know what lies ahead, babies are just so unpredictable!

A couple of our closest friends are expecting their first babies this year, how exciting!

Ben (our first) was born at the beginning of January, 11 years ago! During the 9 months of pregnancy I had all sorts of ideas about how our lives would change in the new year. 9 months is a pretty long time and gives you plenty of opportunity to set your expectations sky high, which is great (on the whole) but, sometimes it’s worth giving yourself a little grace when things don’t go quite to plan. So, here is my worst pregnancy moment, when things did not go to plan, written down especially for you my two friends, I’ve called it:

You don’t need to drink 1 litre of water before a scan

It was our first scan, we were so excited! All morning I had been steadily drinking water as the hospital instructions had suggested. Apparently I had to drink 1 litre of the stuff before the scan so we could get a clear picture of our baby. Finally it was time, I jumped in the car clutching my water bottle and Neil started the 30 minute drive. Now, I am not known for my fantastically large bladder (fortunately, as that would be weird). In fact I have the little known condition of ‘teeny weeny bladderitis’. So 10 min’s into the journey and I was getting pretty uncomfortable. By the time we arrived my need for the loo was extreme, fortunately for me the appointment was in 5 minutes time. I could just hold on. I waddled all the way up the slope to the waiting room only to find it jam packed with expectant couples. The receptionist quickly informed us that they were running very late. RUNNING VERY LATE! At that point I reckoned I had only minutes left until a very unpleasant explosion.
I turned to Neil and whispered urgently (this was the exact conversation):

“I just have to go. Perhaps, if I just pee out a little and keep the rest in, I would be less uncomfortable?”

Neil whispered back:
“You will never manage that! You will pee out the whole lot!”

“I have to go, I’ll only pee a little…just to take the edge off, otherwise when they push that camera down on my bladder, it will be like that time when the tap broke… only more unpleasant” I replied.

“No, don’t do it! You don’t have the control and then we won’t be able to see the baby!” Neil whispered back furiously.

At that point, I could bare it no longer and rushed out to the loo. A few minutes later I toddled back to the waiting room shame faced.

“You pee’d it all out didn’t you” Neil sighed.

“Yes, sorry!” I replied flatly.

It was then that I spotted the water cooler in the corner of the room.

“It’s O.K Neil! Look! I’ll just drink it all again.” I said with hope in my heart.

“I don’t think that will work!” He replied sadly.

Clutching at the miracle solution I spent the next 5 minutes drinking cup after cup of iced water from the machine (much to the amusement of the other couples). With each sip I felt better, it was all going to be O.K! Then suddenly I began to feel a bit odd. It didn’t really feel as though the water was going down, it seemed to be collecting in my throat. I turned to Neil:

“I feel sick.” I exclaimed.

“I am not surprised” He replied knowlingly.

“No…. I am! I am going to be sick.”

I jumped from my seat and rushed out of the room. I only made it to the top of the slope before I projectile vomited a cascade of water down the previously clean white corridor.

“Jennet Coleman” the radiographer called out.

“Here” I croaked from the hall.

She ushered me quickly into the scan room.

“I’m so sorry about the mess, I’m so, so sorry! I pee’d out the first litre of water, then I drank it again and now I have just thrown that all up and down the corridor, I’m so sorry, now we won’t see the baby will we?” I moaned.

The perplexed Radiographer looked at me with surprise and then gently explained that you don’t need to drink a litre of water, it just there as a helpful guideline.
Thanks, best laid plans and all that!

You will be glad to know that we managed to get a great picture of Ben that day and the whole affair was a good warm up for the next 11 years of CHAOS. Sometimes our plans come together and it all works out well and sometimes it’s about embracing the chaos. Especially where children are concerned.

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  1. What a funny post! I loved when drank the water like a mad preggers woman in the waiting room!

    I remember during my first baby’s ultrasound, the tech was impressed by how much I had in my bladder and actually had me pee half of it out so she could see around in my uterus! I understand your pain in trying to stop peeing halfway when you’re about to explode!



  2. Sarah Budd

    Hi Just had to write to say I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your website! I meant to just take a quick look and suddenly realised an hours past! Sarah x

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