Treasure Hunting


Sometimes you can find yourself squished and squashed by routine, free time is shrinking away. Work is full on; the kids have needs that must be seen to RIGHT NOW! You are tired… winter seems set to carry on all through the summer and there is no spare money.I think you need a break!

If life is always good for you then you must be very blessed (and we are all a bit jealous)! For most of us life is full of ‘ups and downs’. I love that Monty Python song ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’ and oh how I wish we could. The truth is that sometimes there is no bright side. Listening to Justin Welby speak yesterday about the loss of his daughter you could see and hear the sadness in his words. There was no bright side for him. However, he did talk of a sense of peace that he felt in the middle of the despair and confusion.
I have felt God’s peace at different times in my life. I don’t necessarily understand why something has happened, and I don’t believe the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ but I believe that God will meet me in the worst of times and will walk with me. If I ask him he will give me the strength to carry on. That feeling of peace, is a reminder that there is a God, and that he cares, whatever the outcome. It’s like the feeling you had as child when you were scared and your mum or dad picked you up and hugged you. You feel protected and relieved that someone is in charge of what feels like chaos.


Something that has helped me is asking God to remind me the beauty all around. Whether it’s in one of my kid’s smiles, or a sunset or a funny moment. I have become a treasure hunter, a hoarder of special moments. Glimpses of heaven on earth! There is a lot of sadness, but there is also beauty. Breath taking beauty of the world that God created. Even in the sharp pain of loss God brings moments of joy. It’s learning to look for those moments and thanking God for them.




People ask why I am happy/silly/smiling all the time. It’s not that I don’t struggle a little or a lot every day. I do! It’s just that I am making it my business and asking God for his help to seek the beauty in each situation, to find the evidence that someone created us and that true goodness exists.


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