Expecting and Expectations

Expecting and Expectations

I was just thinking about Prince William and Kate who are expecting a baby. I recently read an article that said:

 ‘The Royal baby will be born third in line to the throne …He or she will one day be head of the Royal armed Forces, supreme governor of the Church of England and subsequently head of state of 16 Commonwealth countries’

Woah! That is enough to increase your morning sickness as an expectant mother!

It started me wondering about the expectations I had of my own children and what ideas they had for their futures. So at dinner I asked them what they would like to be when they grew up. Ben said that he would like to be a Scientist or run a kennels.
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Amelia said she would like to be a Doctor (although has been known to faint at the sight of blood) and Archie said he would like to be a Footballer, a Cricketer or a ‘Tenniser’ !!!  

I don’t think that when I was pregnant I had any idea of what my children would be. I guess, that you think they will do similar stuff to you! At least most of us have the opportunity to wait and see what our kids are good at! I have more of an idea now! I think that Ben, who is a brilliant communicator and imaginative could do something like write a book or work in the theatre. Whereas perhaps Archie, who has a talent for arguments and an unwavering sense of right and wrong could be a Lawyer or a Politician? Amelia who is super caring and rather enjoys being in charge could be a Nurse or an MD of something. Of course there is also other evidence that I could have used to predict their future careers with… which would have Ben with rotting teeth, an inability to eat a meal opposite another human (in case they grow queasy watching food circulated around mouth) and a tendency to wander off when his mind is filled with some wonderful idea. Archie would be in trouble with police for playing football inside, stubbornly argue with people in authority and pick his nose in public. Amelia would suck her thumb in important business meetings, not bother to wipe her bottom and wear a princess ball-gown on a daily basis. Hmmm, perhaps we should keep in mind their good qualities and work on the others!

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For the Royals there is no such freedom! If they turn out to be rather better at the bad stuff, then they will have an audience! My husband and I were really inspired by King George V in the movie ‘The Kings Speech’ who had a tough time with his stutter but overcame this to fulfill his, his country and his family’s expectations. It’s a fine line for us as parents! It’s good to have expectations/hopes for our children so that we can help them grow in confidence. However if our expectations are unreasonable then we can open them up to disappointment.

I pray for my kids that God will open up opportunities for them and guide them in their decisions. Also that God would help me to nurture their gifts and abilities whilst giving me patience to correct their less charming habits! After all, God cares more about their hearts and character than their achievements and CV!

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