Mis-heard Words

Mis-heard  words

I have just been crying with laughter as I googled ‘misheard lyrics’, this is when you get the words to songs muddled up. Or switch the words to a famous carol or hymn. One of my mum’s favourite mix ups is the hymn that has the words “Gladly the Cross I’d bear”. The poor Bear, perhaps it needs glasses! Another one that makes me laugh is the song with the line ‘God will make you fishers of men’ which was misheard as ‘God will make you vicious old men’! Unfortunately, I get the words to songs and sayings muddled up all the time. When I was teaching in Hertfordshire the staff suggested that they should write a book of ‘jenny-isms’ as it was so frequent! I mishear stuff and then speak too soon. One poor couple were trying to tell me about their church, they said ‘New Wine Style’ I heard ‘Hawaiian Style’ I exclaimed loudly ‘Hawaiian Style’! That sounds fun!’ to two completely confused people. In my primary school we learned the words to songs off by heart. I was delighted to find out that the disciples also loved to jump up and down on their sofas… “Dance, dance wherever you may be, I am the Lord of the Dance settee” I sang it like that for years without realising!!!

It seems that my kids have picked up my problem. Archie asked for Chuckin Niggets at McDonalds and Millie explained that like Peppa Pig she also enjoyed jumping in ‘Puddy muddles’,  whereas Ben loves to ‘Lawn the Moon’ instead of Mow the Lawn! At the moment my kids are in the rather ‘rude’ stage of song changing. In an attempt to educate our kids to appreciate good music we have been playing different CD’s in the car. On a song by Mumford and Sons there are the words “hold me fast” Unfortunately our car journeys are now punctuated with cries of  “HOLD MY FARTS” yelled in an Irish accent. Nice!

singing in car 1

They seem determined to pick out the worst possible parts of a song to repeat! A couple of weeks ago I had to apologise to Millie’s teacher. The night before we had watched ‘The Lorax’, which is a great family film, with loads of good musical numbers. Unfortunately the bit the kids picked up on was the short funny song, sung by the baddie. It went: “Let it die! Let it die! Let it shrivel up and die”! Which sung repeatedly by a four year old, out of context, is rather concerning!

As teenagers we used to make up all sorts of funny words to songs, when you sing them so frequently you get mischievous.

So as the shepherds wash their socks by night and you sleep in heavenly peas this Christmas, have a think about what you are singing! The real words to some of those songs are seriously awesome and jam-packed with great theology!

Please, please if you have any mis-heard song words post them below I would love to giggle at them 🙂 


  1. Sue

    I too would sing about that Settee, I had visions of Jesus dancing around a sofa in a living room, in fact I was in my early 20’s before it finally dawned on me! Hattie and Maddie think the words of that fab world cup song ‘A waving flag’ are “When I get older they’ll call me Freda, I will be stranger just like an arabian flag” why in the Lord’s name they think this makes sense I’ll never know. Hilariously when Ellie Goulding sings about her jar of hearts I only hear Jar of Farts which makes me chuckle. With some of the lyrics of ‘near the mark’ songs I’m glad my children mishear and mis-sing them, especially when singing Panic at the disco lyrics where the girls think “…The poor groom’s bride is a horse”!

  2. Chris Owen

    For half a minute I was perplexed that Martin Smith was singing ‘you catch every tear in a butthole’ in one of his recent songs.
    He wasn’t.

  3. Valerie Hill

    I used to hate the song “While shepherds watched their flocks by night” because I thought the next line was “horsey dead on the ground” instead of “all seated on the ground”!!

  4. valerie Hill

    I used to hate the song “While Shepherds watched their flocks by night” because I thought the next line was “horsey dead on the ground” instead of “all seated on the ground”!!!

  5. trudi oliver

    how about the classic ‘ I could sing of your love for Trevor!’
    it’s meanings that always escape me. It was only recently when I was teaching in secondary school that I had it explained to me by some yr 9 kids that the Madness song ‘house of fun’ was about having sex and buying condoms!!! I really did think it was about a fun house!!!

  6. Lisa K

    One of my sisters sang for years ” Mona Lisa frowns and the sky is grey” instead of “All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey” by the Mamas and the Papas, how she thought this sentence made sense! But it still makes me chuckle today when I hear it.

  7. Jon and I were rather amused this year singing a carol that we hadn’t come across before – ‘The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came’. At the end of each verse you sing “Most highly favoured lady. Gloria!”. Gloria? Who’s she? And what about Mary?! Always dangerous when one of you is in the front pew and the other is facing the congregation – I’m always scared I’ll get a fit of the giggles if I catch his eye!

    On the chuckin niggets theme, whenever we go to McDonalds Emily requests “Chicken yoghurts please”. I’ll be sad when she stops doing it!

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