Last Week Of School!

It’s the last week of school in 2012! And it’s just as well; I am getting more and more disorganised! I am not the most ‘together’ person at the best of times… as some of you will know.

I have always found it hard to get the kids from the house to school! I have lost them, locked them in cars, got them soaked, screamed and shouted, carried some and dragged others.  What amazes me that we ever get there!

Getting their clothes correct seems to be a problem. Recently I was feeling pleased with myself. We had made it to school at the right time with all the right things! We even had time to spare! I looked down at Ben and saw that his trousers were seriously short! How had I not noticed before? He had grown so much!!! Thinking about this I glanced over at Archie… hang on, he appeared to have shrunk?  Aargh! they were each wearing the others trousers! I bundled them into the class toilets and they had to make a quick swap! Unfortunately I then repeated this a few weeks later but this time Ben went to school in his sister’s shirt!

And then there are the non-uniform days! One particular Friday morning I piled the kids into the car and we drove off down the road to school when I noticed some children in ‘plain clothes’. In a panic I did a U turn and we rushed home. Outfits gathered and all three changed in super-fast time. We got back in the car and shot off. As I neared the school I realised that most children were in uniform! In disbelief I spun the car around and we raced back home. All three flew into house, clothes flying in all directions, plenty of yelling and back in the car. We finally arrived on the bell, hair everywhere, collars up and red faces. Ben’s teacher then says “Oh did you not realise that the year 4’s are in non-uniform” SERIOUSLY? …so off I went back home…L

Then there are the packed lunches… A few months ago I had run out of cling film so I was happily wrapping everything in the fridge in tin foil. On this particular morning I grabbed their sandwiches from the fridge, threw them in boxes and we were off. At the end of the day Archie’s teacher stopped me and asked me what I had packed in his lunch box. I explained to her the contents: sandwiches, crisps etc., when she collapsed in giggles. It turned out that unfortunately, instead of sandwiches I had packed Archie half a kilo of cheddar cheese! He hadn’t told anyone, but had been found chewing on a corner of it! Fortunately they had been able to give him a couple pieces of bread and he was able to make a sandwich. Whoops!

archie sleepArchie has taken to getting dressed before he goes to sleep. Just to make sure…


  1. Linda

    Well, at least neither you nor the children can complain that life is boring! You’ve got super kids who are willing to change their clothes so many times in one morning! Mine would have rebelled at the first change…

  2. Clare

    Jen, I love your musings on children, school, church, life and everything!
    I think we all try too hard to be perfect – do the children care if the house is tidy or they are in matching clothes etc. No! what they really notice is that you took time to sit, read or play with them, and that you did it all with love!!!

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