Move Away From The Baubles!

When we get to the second week of December I start thinking about popping up the Christmas decorations. I don’t know about you, but into my head I picture a wonderful family scene. All three kids decorating the tree, bubbling over with a shared excitement. The older ones lifting up the smaller ones to reach the higher branches. Then scrambling around to pour over boxes of hidden surprises, forgotten in musty boxes (well they are musty in my house). Gently pulling out the tinsel and ballet dancing around as it sort of magically attaches itself to the room…. Whilst Neil and I gaze on in wonder at our clever clan. Unfortunately I think that image maybe a result of overdosing on ‘Little Women’ as a child! The reality always comes as a bit of a shock!

Mostly it seems more a case of:  locating boxes… pulling them down on my head, the kids running over to see, hands everywhere,broken baubles and tangled tinsel! Its then the yelling begins… They all want the angel, each wants to be the one to put the star on top of the tree. Someone bursts into tears as they find their beautifully crafted toilet roll angel crushed at the bottom of the box! I give everyone a job, sellotape the toilet roll angel to within an inch of its life and all is calm. One year we discovered that something has eaten right through the baby Jesus in the wooden nativity set, we all freaked out (dad was called) sawdust everywhere… it’s disposed of and so we began again. It then turned out that the tree we bought does not fit in the tree holder (should have checked that before buying it). Unfortunately we have already cut the netting off so Neil grabs the trunk risking a serious scratching and I fetch a bucket,water, bricks. One hour later and we have finally got the tree up at a rather jaunty angle… I’m happy with that! 40 mins later, the lights are untangled and applied and two of the four sets work, so that can’t be bad? Then I instruct the children as to where to put the decorations (if they put it an inch wrong I change it later) and we are ready for Christmas… so o.k, its 10pm and the kids are a bit late for bed but look at what we made together! It was then that Neil and I start to leave the room when Millie (who was 2 at the time) looped the pretty lights on the Christmas tree around her neck, walked towards us and called out ” look at my pretty necklace” and was promptly buried under the Christmas tree. No Joke! All that happened and is likely to repeated again tomorrow when we put up this years!

There… Three beautiful and fairly traumatised children from ‘that’ Christmas! I love it though! What a fun thing. The house looks cosy, I love the lights and we are celebrating something really special and life changing.


  1. Anne

    Well done! Really brings your experience to life……we have an experience to relish this year with 4 octogenarians for Christmas day! Enjoy every moment of this special season, whatever it brings! x

  2. Jackie

    Hi Jen. Just saw your mum had posted this on FB so thought I’d have a quick look. Your post above made me laugh and is very similar to my experiences when my two girls were younger – the squashed toilet roll angel especially resonated with me : )
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas. Say hi to your mum and dad from me.
    Best Jackie (Buckle, nee Yeates) Your dad’s cousin : )

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